Baxter of California

Los Angeles’ Inspired Subcultures Create a ‘Life Lived True’ Fabric for the City’s Millennials LA is a beacon of authenticity—welcoming creative individuals into its fold, where together they form a diverse collective of unique, region-specific subcultures. Baxter of California’s origin story is one that could only have taken root and flourished in such an environment. From the skate and music scene, to surfing, art and indie to name a few, our philosophy of grooming as an act of self-expression goes hand in hand with the ethos of these lifestyles. SKATE SURF MUSIC ART INDIE SKATE SUBCULTURE These Angelenos visualize and use the terrain like no one else. They see potential where others see a bench; they see obstacles to manipulate where others see a wall. As such, to the skateboarding community, there isn’t really a right or wrong way to groom; there is only being true to yourself, whether that translates into a shaved head or long dreadlocks. It’s about ease, going with the flow and being comfortable in your own skin. A SKATER'S GUIDE TO LA For Angelenos, skateboarding is more than a sport, more than a pastime and much more than a means of getting from point A to B. It’s an entire culture, populated by youthfully-spirited humans chasing the essence of freedom while trying to land their next trick